Length of session

should be split in shorter sessions + over-weekend work and practice


  • To clarify potential business ideas developed in the previous session
  • To test their viability and potential
  • To practice step-by-step business idea development

Materials Needed

Instructions and individual/paired work

duration of activity

Present the participants that they would need to describe their idea, that they’ve talked about in the previous session and that they need to be very precise. They will have 45 minutes for this task. Facilitator guides description of idea by using  5 supportive questions:


which problem, need you are addressing with this idea


set  the goals ( be SMART- specific,measurable,achievable, real, time limited)


target group


place of implementation


person (team) who will work on this idea


– the first steps towards realization


duration of activity

Everybody is asked to present their business idea that followed the 5 supportive questions. Other participants can assist with own suggestions, questions, clarification to other ideas.


Facilitator’s Note

Length of this session may depend on the size of the group and how many people need to present. Facilitator should extend the time depending on that, and still limit the time of each presentation so everyone can have a chance to present, e.g. 5 minutes per presentation. Participants will practice their presentation and public speaking skills in this way, too.

Individual work on CANVAS

duration of activity

Participants are asked to think of their idea and put the selected answers according to CANVAS blocks.  They are presented with the CANVAS framework and explanation of each of the fields.

Group Activity

duration of activity

Participants are asked to present their CANVAS and the discussion is opened on what was clear what is still not clear regarding their business idea. This tool is helpful in clarification of various aspects on the business idea development and will help them structure their thoughts.

Testing your idea on the field

weekend work

Participants are asked to go on the field and ask at least 10 right people what they think about their idea. This will help them to test the idea and also work on own understanding of their idea, communication, self-confidence, …After field work they have to upgrade idea with getting answers or drop idea – if it is not feasible – what is also very good and important lesson to learn.


Facilitator’s Note

Decide together with participants how they will present the field work results (written report, video documentation, photos, poem, blog,..) and  organize group session to reflect learning outcomes and integrate findings into  idea concept.