Length of session


  • Develop their own Action Plan for the next 3-6 months

Materials Needed

Generating Interest in Topic

duration of activity

It is very important for each participant to develop his/her own action plan to implement the decisions, orientations, expectations he/she has developed in regards to their business idea. Open the discussion with the group on the need for such a personal action plan. The action plan has to be as concrete as possible, with measurable results for each week and indicating the various steps they will take to reach their personal objectives. Present to the group the way the action plans could look like. Brainstorm ideas, collect them, and present them in a systematic way so that the action plan would flow logically and can easily be assessed against the results achieved.  This activity is very close to CANVAS activity before. Simple template below can be used for this exercise.

Everybody is asked to present their business idea that followed the 5 supportive questions. Other participants can assist with own suggestions, questions, clarification to other ideas.