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Developing Confidence in Self and Others

Length of session LEARNING OBJECTIVES Identify what is needed for a person to feel confident. Identify ways to build the confidence of self and others. Commit to doing one thing to strengthen their self-confidence. Materials Needed Visual means for recording ideas (paper, chart paper, or white/chalk board and markers/chalk) Naslov Enough small objects for each person to have one, such as stones, lemons or nuts Paper, tape and pencils, pens, or markers (optional) Naslov Discussion and Demonstration duration of activity Give each participant a small object. Each person should have the same type of object, such as all stones or all nuts. Ask participants to look at their object and identify the characteristics that are unique to their object and that make it special. Gather all of the objects and place them in a pile at the front of the room. Have participants come forward and find their own object based on its unique characteristics. b Facilitator’s Note (paper, chart paper, or white/chalk board and markers/chalk) Naslov Participants may think it is impossible to distinguish between the object they originally found and all of the other objects. Encourage them to continue their search. Participants may also look at the objects already selected by other participants to make sure their original object has not been misidentified by another person. After participants have found their object, ask a few of them...

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Business idea generation

Length of session LEARNING OBJECTIVES Understand the concept of a “business idea” Generate innovative business ideas Understand the need for and the concept of screening business ideas. Materials Needed Flip chart (paper, chart paper, or white/chalk board and markers/chalk) Naslov Markers (optional) Naslov For Generating Interest in Topic Create a realistic story describing a typical young person’s day in your country. His or her day should contain both positive and negative experiences, with more negative experiences than positive. The story might include experiences similar to those below. Select or describe experiences appropriate for the culture in which you are working. The story should take six or seven minutes to tell. Generating Interest in Topic duration of activity Share with the participants a number of original business ideas that were very unique when they were first developed and that have been very successful. (examples of innovative approaches, e.g. self-cleaning mop or Tesla car…). Thinking out of the box or thinking creatively is important in generating new business ideas rather than copying what your neighbor is already doing. A good business idea is essential for starting a successful venture and for staying competitive afterwards. Good business ideas, however, do not usually just occur to an entrepreneur. Rather, they are the result of hard work, effort, research, discussions, interviews and often creativity on the part of the entrepreneur.   Group Activity duration...

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Self presentation using social media

Length of session LEARNING OBJECTIVES Identify social networks that can help participants gain contacts and find jobs. Motivate participants to register on the job-seeking websites and utilize social media Materials Needed Computer (paper, chart paper, or white/chalk board and markers/chalk) Naslov Video beam (optional) Naslov Internet connection (optional) Naslov Facilitator’s input duration of activity What Are “Social Media”? Traditional media outlets – books, magazines, and newspapers – are a one-way street. They only communicate to you, but don’t let you communicate back. Social media, however, is a two-way communication hosted on dozens of websites. Many job leads today start with connections made through social media networks. The most popular social media websites include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.     LinkedIn and Job Searching While many social media websites may lend a hand in your job search, originated as a professional networking tool to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. LinkedIn’s thousands of members comprise 130 different industries, and include 130,000 recruiters. Job Searching on Facebook and Twitter Facebook started out as a college networking site but now includes more than half a billion people of all ages from all over the world. You can use Facebook to build relationships with friends and family – and to search for a job by reaching colleagues, friends, and the people they work with. Your personal Facebook profile can serve as an...

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Get active

Length of the session Learning Objectives Understanding how becoming active in the society can help the self-esteem and self-affirmation Exploring various opportunities to become active and volunteer Understanding the benefits of activism for future carrier Materials Needed Flip chart (paper, chart paper, or white/chalk board and markers/chalk) Naslov Markers Naslov Generating Interest in Topic duration of activity Present to the participants that becoming active around certain cause gives you a sense of purpose. By becoming active and volunteering, you are helping the community and making a difference to something other than yourself. It gives you something meaningful to be doing, and it is empowering to be doing something that really does matter. It’s an opportunity for people interaction. Getting together with others around the cause is a great way to meet new people and practice social interaction. It doesn’t matter whether you interact with one person or a group of people. It is particularly beneficial if you’re feeling isolated, want to build your social skills or build your confidence around people. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends. It takes the focus away from yourself. Focusing on something else distracts your mind from the negative thoughts about yourself. Being in the outside world also helps to give you a sense of perspective. It helps with your sense of belonging. When you are active, people will generally be happy...

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Business idea kick off

Length of session should be split in shorter sessions + over-weekend work and practice LEARNING OBJECTIVES To clarify potential business ideas developed in the previous session To test their viability and potential To practice step-by-step business idea development Materials Needed Flip chart Naslov Markers Naslov Laptops Naslov Smartphones Naslov Instructions and individual/paired work duration of activity Present the participants that they would need to describe their idea, that they’ve talked about in the previous session and that they need to be very precise. They will have 45 minutes for this task. Facilitator guides description of idea by using  5 supportive questions: t WHY which problem, need you are addressing with this idea Naslov t WHAT set  the goals ( be SMART- specific,measurable,achievable, real, time limited) Naslov t FOR WHOM target group Naslov t WHERE place of implementation Naslov t WHO person (team) who will work on this idea Naslov t HOW – the first steps towards realization Naslov Presentations duration of activity Everybody is asked to present their business idea that followed the 5 supportive questions. Other participants can assist with own suggestions, questions, clarification to other ideas. i Facilitator’s Note Length of this session may depend on the size of the group and how many people need to present. Facilitator should extend the time depending on that, and still limit the time of each presentation so everyone can have...

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Action planing

Length of session LEARNING OBJECTIVES Develop their own Action Plan for the next 3-6 months Materials Needed Flip chart Naslov Markers Naslov Generating Interest in Topic duration of activity It is very important for each participant to develop his/her own action plan to implement the decisions, orientations, expectations he/she has developed in regards to their business idea. Open the discussion with the group on the need for such a personal action plan. The action plan has to be as concrete as possible, with measurable results for each week and indicating the various steps they will take to reach their personal objectives. Present to the group the way the action plans could look like. Brainstorm ideas, collect them, and present them in a systematic way so that the action plan would flow logically and can easily be assessed against the results achieved.  This activity is very close to CANVAS activity before. Simple template below can be used for this exercise. Everybody is asked to present their business idea that followed the 5 supportive questions. Other participants can assist with own suggestions, questions, clarification to other ideas. Download Action Plan...

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